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All applicants to register with the Sai Public School to be considered for admission which is then done through an Entrance Test after submitting the duly filled registration form. The registration fee details can be obtained from the school office the registration fee is non refundable. On the basis of the written tests, we short list the students for an Interactive session. The Interactive sessions com-press games, interaction with teachers of the school. The list of finally selected students is prepared on the basis of the marks oral written test as well as the Interactive session. The school reserves the Right to make changes in the schedule and procedure from time to time. The school does not conduct any formal interview either with children or parents.


1-A month's notice of withdrawals must be given in writing duly acknowledged by the Principal or a month's or a month's fees in lieu thereof Students withdrawn in and after April will be required to pay fees for the remainder of that term.

2-No Transfer Certificate will be granted unless all school dues are paid and a "No Dues Certificate" is obtained from the Cashier, Librarian etc.

3-In all cases of transfer, the full admission fee will be charged.


1-The Manager reserves the right to waive any of the Rules contained in this Book without assigning any reason for his action.

2-The interpretation of any rules in this Book as well as any amendment to it, rests solely and entirely with the Governing Body of the school. Their interpretation shall be final and binding on parents and students and no case shall lie in any Court of Law in respect of the decision.